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Gina's Favorite Things

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my Favorite Things! 

As some of you know, I love new and innovative ideas that make my life easier.  Most of the items listed are "travel related", since our "You are Not Alone Travel Group" at are always on the go to new and exciting adventures!

On a side note: I have purchased these products with my own money, they were not given to me for any promotions, how,ever,  I will get avery small commission if you purchase from the link provided.

 People are always asking me "Where did you get this/that?" Now you can get it too........ I hope you ENJOY!


SHANJE Luggage Scale 110 Lbs High Precision Travel Digital Hanging Scales 50kg with Hook

"I love this scale because I can now weigh by luggage BEFORE I get to the airport, so no more surprises with overweight!"


Sleeping Bag Liner Lightweight Compact Sleeping Bag Sack Portable Clean Travel Sheet with Zippered Opening for The Feet Camping Sleep Sheet for Backpacking Hotel& Hiking

"I brought these sheets because I have sensitive skin problems, and tend to break out from the harsh detergent hotels and cruise ships use for their bedding.

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