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today, so where can i find help for pls? yep top of the help section, in your case - forums. i have like hot! lol zacwalls: Please don't flood; use to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation. zacwalls: do you mean to ask where you can find help on it? i did zacwalls, zacwalls: if you have an ubuntu question, feel free to ask here ActionParsnip: no, he's got a problem with his audio, and he's trying to install pulseaudio, which I'm pretty sure I've told him to avoid. lol yep zacwalls: this channel is for support, not chatting how do i figure out which driver my device is using zacwalls: use your sound preferences to see zacwalls: have you tried pavucontrol to see if you have more than one device no dont really know how to use that zacwalls: yes you need to learn that to move sound betweent sound programs zacwalls: control is used in many programs oh zacwalls: the aim is to move sound from one program to another program or device i just realized zacwalls: do you see this in your Sound Settings: zacwalls: before you move sound you might want to look at if all of your sound programs are setup to talk to one another no




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